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Coastline Vineyard is a local Charity,  whom I have interned for the past 2 years, working with the Head of Media & Communications to create a social media strategy and creating simple templates to use for posting, on Facebook, Instagram (Stories & Posts) and Twitter.

The role expanded into creating a team of photographers and videographers to capture images for content of the posts. Below you can see the branding and social media strategy that has taken place. 


Facebook Target

Twitter Target

Instagram Target


Our Primary Target with Facebook, is to create a sense of Family online and target users in the older age bracket, (51% of our followers are 34+)

Our most active account, as all information and updates are kept on here.

A slightly younger audience, where we  could engage better with our other accounts such as Youth and Students.​

Posts are formed using photography on a Sunday and information from the weekly newsletter. 


The focus here is to inform and engage. ​

Twitter is less used for our Church, as we found most accounts don't engage with Twitter but more with Facebook and Instagram.


It is still kept up to date, mainly for our Pastor! 

Edit content for all ages, including Worship At Home, Thought of the Day, and Our Sunday services. Promo our sister channel Coastline Kids.​

These are then released across all social media platforms, including Instagram Stories.


Manager and creator of the Coastline Vineyard Instagram page, creating various templates for easy upload. 

As well as creating illustrations for highlights logos for easy access of key information for the church. 


Manager of Students At Coastline, a sub brand of Coastline targeted at the Students that come to the area. Oversee the content being made, and encouraging those to stay on brand whilst creating fun Digital content. 

From July-August 2020 I took over as designer. 

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